If parts of your skin rub on your clothes or skin too much, such as during athletic activity, you may experience chafing. This is a condition that, in the best case, will only cause rashing and burning or stinging. In the worst cases, your skin will start bleeding, crusting, and swelling. 

Luckily, one of the benefits of body powder for men is a decrease in the amount of chafing you can experience. However, to fully take advantage of this ability, you have to know how to apply it right. Read on for tips on how to apply body powder. 

What Is Body Powder? 

Traditionally, body powder is a white, powdery substance made from talc, cornstarch, and a few other materials such as chemical scents (however, our body powder is made of natural oils and arrowroot). When users apply it to their bodies, it absorbs moisture and acts as a barrier between skin and other surfaces. 

The former ability removes sweat and causes users to smell better.  The latter ability reduces the rate of chaffing on users’ skin. Overall, it is an excellent way to improve comfort and hygiene. 

Ways to Apply Body Powder 

Though body powder is beneficial in many ways, it still has one major drawback. It isn’t like lotion, which usually makes a mess by dripping on the floors or counters. With a sneeze or a gust of wind, body powder can go everywhere. 

It can also slip out of your hands easily if you take a handful and try to rub it on your skin. You may believe that getting the powder everywhere is inevitable. However, you can avoid doing this by using one or more of the mess-free powder application methods outlined below.

Find a Well-Ventilated Room 

Unlike body powder products with talc, ours won’t cause you any health problems. However, breathing in any kind of powder is likely to make your lungs unhappy. For this reason, be sure to perform your powder application process in a well-ventilated room. 

Use a Little at a Time 

Using your hands to apply powder doesn’t need to be messy. The trick is to use a small amount at a time. You will get a lot more powder in the right places and a lot less on the floor and counter this way. 

Put it Inside Your Clothes 

Applying body powder to your skin isn’t the only option you have available. You can also put a bit of powder on the inside of your clothes on the spaces where chaffing occurs. Once there, it can easily stick to the material. 

Some of it may fall through the holes in your clothes’ weaves. However, this won’t be a huge problem if you use small amounts of powder at a time. 

Avoid Broken Skin and Eyes 

Unfortunately, body powder for men only prevents chaffing and doesn’t heal it. You’ll only irritate the skin if you sprinkle the powder onto broken skin or rashes. It’s best to use another skin protectant instead. 

In much the same vein, do your best to avoid getting body powder in your eyes. It probably won’t blind you (especially as we use natural materials), but it can make your eyes feel irritated. 

Get an Application Tool 

There are a few tools you can use to pick up body powder and carry it to where you want it. Cotton balls are one option if you need to stay cheap. Certain makeup application tools used by women can also work, but it’s understandable if you would prefer not to use these. 

If you have a bit more money to spend, you can look into getting a body powder applicator. This product is essentially a bag that you fill with powder. You can then press the powder out of the bag by patting it against your skin. 

Apply After Bathing or Showering

The less that comes between body powder and your skin, the better it will work. This is why your body powder application process should take place after you take a bath or shower. As your skin will be clean then, the powder will stick right on it and start doing its thing. 

However, don’t apply the powder while your body is still wet. Dry yourself off first. If you don’t, the powder will absorb the water instead of your sweat and oils. 

Don’t Add Body Powder to Moisturizer 

You may think that adding body powder to moisturizer can help the powder stick to your skin. While this process can do this, it’s best to avoid it. This is because moisturizers can reduce the effectiveness of the powder. 

Moisturizers, such as lotion, are meant to keep your skin from drying out. To do this, they provide the skin moisture from certain materials that are contained within their formulas. Therefore, adding body powder to a moisturizer will bring about the same problem as adding body powder to water. 

To be fair, this probably won’t affect the powder’s added scents as much. You should still smell pretty good. However, you won’t smell as good as you would smell if the powder absorbed your sweat. 

If You Want a Body Powder That’s Comfortable and Smells Great, Try Nutdust 

It should be clear to you now that you don’t need to prepare for a mess when you apply body powder. With all these methods, you have a lot of options of ways that can help you keep your floor and counter powder-free. Along with keeping your space clean, you’ll also waste a lot less powder. 

However, when you do need more body powder, consider trying Nutdust. It’s a body powder made specifically for men and by men that uses 100% natural ingredients. Check out our four hand-crafted unique blends and other products today. 

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