A sunny day, a couple of buddies, a long bike ride, and…chafing. Sound familiar?

For active men, things like chafing can get in the way of living your life. Nothing ruins a fun day more than uncomfortable burning and rashes.

And that’s where body powder comes in. Keep reading for the amazing benefits of using body powder for men.

Body Powder Eliminates Chafing

Most men want to know how to prevent chafing. Chafing occurs because of friction and the build-up of moisture.

There are certain parts of the body that are more prone to rubbing and accumulating moisture. Common problem areas include under the arms, around the nipples, and the crotch area.

A lot of men think that these problems are inevitable, but that’s not the case. For these issues, you need an anti-chafing powder.

Body powder can help you eliminate this rubbing and add softness to these problematic parts of your body. This is especially useful for long days spent in the outdoors, or hours at the gym. Don’t let your favorite activities get ruined by chafing!

Nutdust is made out of arrowroot, which is an anti-chafing agent. Not only is our body powder designed to not chafe, but it is made out of natural substances in order to ensure your health.

It Improves Your Scent

There’s no one on Earth who is an exception to this rule: after a long day of activity, you will stink.

Smelling bad isn’t unique, but it certainly can make you stand out. And what’s worse, it’s not just you that will start to smell like body odor. Your clothes and gym bag will, too.

Certain fabrics can carry scents if they aren’t washed right away. And once a bad scent clings onto a piece of fabric, it can be impossible to wash it away.

This is a really easy way to ruin your clothes. If you’ve spent a lot of money on special activewear, this is also a waste of your money.

But body powder can help keep you smelling fresh, even if you are physically active for hours. At Nutdust, we currently make four hand-crafted scent blends using essential oils. Laddie, Naked, Voyager, and Wildling all channel pleasant, natural scents to keep you smelling your best.

We created these Scotland-inspired scents with a sense of humor and a desire to solve an age-old problem. Plus, Nutdust’s fashionable bottle looks good in a gym bag or a bathroom shelf. Learn more about our story here.

Body Powder Amplifies Freshness

Have you ever gone for a run or a workout and just started to feel…swampy? Men’s body powder will eliminate that feeling by amplifying your freshness.

Body powder will absorb moisture, which is really helpful when it comes to sweating. Sweating is good for you, but it can also leave you feeling kind of gross. Body powder will absorb excess moisture and help you stay fresh throughout your workout.

And unlike other body powders, Nutdust delivers freshness without leaving a chalky residue in its place. Instead, the powder absorbs moisture on your skin and just leaves you feeling clean and soft.

It Can Help with Skin Problems

If we sweat and then don’t wash ourselves right away, it can result in skin problems like acne. Don’t get us wrong, sweating is cleansing for the skin. But if you allow your sweat to dry, it’ll trap dirt and other problematic particles in your pores, causing acne.

Acne on parts of your body like your back or chest can be painful, uncomfortable, and contribute to chafing.

Since body powder absorbs moisture, it will help keep your skin in good condition while you make your way to the shower.

Nutdust is made using arrowroot and has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Anti-bacterial substances help keep toxins from building on your skin. At the same time, anti-inflammatory properties keep rashes at bay.

A lot of people with sensitive skin are hesitant to try new products. So we use all-natural ingredients because we know that additives can irritate your skin. By using only a handful of ingredients, we take care of your skin’s health.

What About Talc?

This is the most common concern when it comes to body powder: talc. And rightly so! Talcum powder has been associated with health risks.

Talc often contains asbestos, which is a dangerous substance to inhale. Prolonged exposure to talc has even been linked with cancer. Unlike some common body powder brands like Gold Bond, Nutdust’s products use harmless ingredients like arrowroot powder.

If you’re going to put something on your body every day, you should use something that won’t endanger your health. Our Nutdust formulas are 100% talc-free. On top of that, we stay away from all other synthetic materials and only use natural ingredients.

Nutdust is designed by men for men, so we have prioritized what we believe is important. Our products and both eco-friendly and cruelty-free, so you can rest easy when you buy Nutdust.

For scent, we use non-toxic essential oils rather than synthetic perfumes or chemicals. This is body powder done right.

Freshen Up with Nutdust

There’s nothing worse than having a full day of activities ruined by uncomfortable chafing or unpleasant odors. That’s why men benefit from using body powder. Use it daily after a shower, or break it out for gym visits and long workouts.

Whatever your intended use, Nutdust can help you out. Click here to shop our most popular products!

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