There are more than 3.9 billion men on the planet. With so many men around, it only makes sense that chafing balls is a common problem. Ball chafing is arguably one of the most annoying and uncomfortable problems a man can possibly deal with. 

If you’ve had this problem before, you might be wondering what you can do to put an end to it. Fortunately, there is more than one way to stop a chafing crotch in its tracks. But where should you start?

Keep reading and learn more about it below.

Slow Down on Physical Activity

Chafing is the simple consequence of skin rubbing against itself. Many men experience chafing balls or thigh burn rather than chafing anywhere else because the balls, of course, are very close to the thighs. This means that these different areas of skin will be more likely to rub against each other when doing normal activities such as walking, running, sitting, and so on. 

But the rubbing of skin is not the only thing that causes chafing. Excessive heat in the area, as well as moisture such as sweat, can also make chafing worse. This may become especially prominent after exercising at the gym or going for a long run. 

This recipe for disaster can also be seen in a man’s armpits since this is another area where men commonly experience chafing. But how bad is chafing really? For some men, it can feel like the area has been set on fire, while for others, it may be a dull ache. 

The Details

It mainly depends on how severe the chafing is, how sensitive your skin is, and how long the chafing has been going on for. If your balls are already chafed quite badly, it might be painful to do even the simplest of things, such as walking or sitting down. 

For that reason, if you are suffering from some serious chafing, it will be a good idea to slow down on physical activity. This means taking a break from running, walking for long distances, working out at the gym, and so on. Taking a few days to just lay back and relax can give your skin a chance to recover. 

It will also allow your skin to stop being so irritated and inflamed. That way, after you’re done taking a break for a few days, the chafing should be mostly gone and you should be much more comfortable. 

Don’t Forget To Use a Moisturizer

When skin friction becomes a problem, your skin will start to rub itself together to such a point that the top layers of your skin may start to come off. This will reveal much more sensitive and potentially raw skin underneath. This is why chafing is so uncomfortable and why it can feel like it burns. 

Besides the sensitive inner layers of skin being revealed after enough chafing, dryness can also become a serious problem. Once the skin in this area becomes dry, the chafing is likely to become even worse. Your skin might even start to flake and become not very pleasant to deal with. 

A sure way to fix this problem is by using a moisturizer. Moisturizers come in all different forms. You can use lotion, oil, body butter, and so on to fix the problem. 

What You Need to Know

The main goal is to use some kind of product that will trap moisture against your skin. A lotion is helpful because it already has water in it and can directly provide moisture to your dry skin so it won’t rub against itself like sandpaper. Oils and butter are much thicker and tend to last for a longer period of time. 

They also do a very good job at trapping moisture against the skin, but they do not contain any water, so your skin should be slightly moist before you use any oil or butter. Ideally, you should use a moisturizer at least once a day, if not twice a day, during the morning and evening. 

That way, your skin will be constantly protected, and it won’t have the opportunity to become dry and irritated. Moisturizer is also important for helping your skin heal and repair itself. 

Talc-Free Body Powder

If you want to prevent your balls from chafing before the problem gets too serious, you should consider talc-free body powder. Body powder is a very fine type of powder that can help your skin slide effortlessly against itself. So, chafing should never be an issue. 

The problem with most average body powders is that they contain talc. Talc is a potentially dangerous ingredient that may cause cancer. For that reason, if you decide to get body powder to put your chafing woes to an end, you should make sure that the body powder is free of talc. 

You can make sure of this by checking the ingredients on the product. Most likely, the product will say “talc-free” somewhere on the front of the packaging so that it’s easy to see. As long as you use body powder and try some of the other advice mentioned before, you should never have to deal with chafing balls ever again. 

How To Fix and Prevent Chafing Balls

Chafing balls are extremely annoying to deal with, not to mention painful. Fortunately, you can fix this problem in a few ways. For one, reducing physical activity can help. Keeping the area moisturized and using talc-free body powder can also help. 

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