Body image and appearance are important to men. In fact, one study revealed that 80 percent of men are concerned about their flaws and imperfections (compared to 75 percent of women who are). This explains why there’s an uptick of men who are eating right, exercising, and booking appointments at spas.

It also explains why skincare among men is steadily increasing. When it comes to how they can take care of their skin at home, one way is to add body powder to their skincare regimen.

Luckily, body powder for men comes with many benefits. Here are five of them.

1. Body Powder Absorbs Moisture

It’s been reported that up to five percent of people sweat excessively. For the record, sweat isn’t all bad.

Sweat helps to balance your body temperature. Also, word on the street is its pheromones can help to make men more cooperative and generous.

But when you’re wearing one of your favorite outfits, you’ve got a hot date coming up, or a big presentation to make at work, puddles of sweat are the last thing that you want to see. Body powder for men is what you need.

Body powder is designed to absorb sweat. This means fewer sweat rings around your underarms, less discomfort around your genitalia, and even less sweat on your feet. If you sprinkle some powder on your feet before putting on your socks (add a little to your shoes too), your feet will be moisture-free all day long.

When you’re dry, you can feel confident. Body powder for men helps to make that happen.

2. Body Powder Also Absorbs Sebum

Sebum is an oily substance that’s designed to protect your skin and hair. It comes out of sebaceous glands and when bodies produce an excess amount of it, that can lead to oily skin and breakouts.

If you’re someone who struggles with body acne, body powder for men can be beneficial for you. That’s because it will help to absorb not just sweat but the sebum that causes pimples. As a direct result, you will have clearer skin.

3. Body Powder Reduces Chafing

There’s a perfect storm that creates chafing: moisture, friction, and fabrics. When these things are present, constant rubbing can cause your skin to become irritated.

Losing weight and making sure that your clothes fit well can help to remedy the problem. But when it comes to your private parts, chafing is sometimes unavoidable. Something that can help is body powder.

Since body powder for men reduces body moisture, that means there’s less crotch sweat to worry about. And that results in less chafing. This is another reason why using body powder daily is such a wise choice to make.

4. Body Powder Helps Your Cologne to Last

Here’s something that may surprise you: Sweat doesn’t stink. The reason why some people smell when they sweat is because there are bacteria on their skin that comes into contact with their sweat.

The moral to the story here is regular showering is always a good idea. The follow-up is if you apply body powder when you get out, that can help to keep sweat and bacteria from causing an odor (including when it comes to stinky balls).

Speaking of smelling good, here’s a fun fact. The less moisture that’s on your skin, the easier it will be for your favorite cologne to last. And since 97 percent of women think that cologne is sexy, that’s definitely a win.

5. NutDust Contains Great All-Natural Ingredients

Now you see why body powder for men is so beneficial. So, let’s specifically talk about NutDust for a moment. It’s a natural body powder for men that is talc-free. It’s also the best powder for balls because of its ingredients.

NutDust has nothing but arrowroot powder, magnesium carbonate, and essential oils. That’s it.

Arrowroot powder contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, and fatty acids. This powder is good for you because it absorbs moisture and oil without drying out your skin. It also relieves skin irritations like acne and rashes.

Magnesium carbonate helps to soothe sensitive skin. It will also improve the overall appearance of your skin from head to toe.

The essential oil blend of NutDust is private. But essential oils provide aromatherapy, reduce itchiness, improve skin texture, and they provide a long-lasting scent.

This means that when you use NutDust, you can be confident that it won’t just reduce moisture and odor. It will make the quality of your skin better. And you’ll smell great for hours on end too!

Some Things to Remember About Body Powder for Men

Are you excited about purchasing some body powder? That’s awesome! Before you do, there are a few helpful hacks to keep in mind:

  • Don’t be afraid to use it liberally at the beginning of the day (it will absorb quickly)
  • Apply the powder before getting dressed (so that it won’t get onto your clothing)
  • Ask your barber to apply some body powder for men on the back of your neck after a haircut to reduce itching
  • Avoid applying a ton of it before intimacy (you don’t want chalky-tasting skin)
  • Invest in quality body powder for men (the cheap stuff isn’t very effective)

Finally, make sure that your body powder is talc-free. Some talc contains asbestos and inhaling that increases your cancer risk.

Now You Know What You Need Body Powder For. It’s Time to Visit Our Site.

Now that you’ve read five solid reasons why body powder for men is such a smart investment, how about purchasing a bottle or two? We have four different kinds to complement various preferences and needs. We’re confident that you’ll find one that is perfect for you.

If you’re looking for the best natural body powder for men, look no further. Give us a call at 571.217.0696 or send an email to any time. We can’t wait for you to try the best body powder for men on the market.

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