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Recently, you might have heard about the controversy of Johnson & Johnson talc-based powder. The famous talc-based powder has garnered attention due to the bad health effects their products have on their users.

This was because of the ingredients that they used. It made everyone rethink on item’s ingredients before buying.

There’s no debate that some ingredients are essential when it comes to body powder. This doesn’t mean that you can’t avoid them, though. There are tons of safer alternatives on the market today, such as talc-free body powder.

Why use talc-free body powder? Other than having a refreshing and moisturizing effect, it has even more benefits for you to enjoy. To explain further, here is our guide on why you should use talc-free body powder.

The Problem With Talc as a Skin Cosmetic

Talc is currently used in many different products for the skin. They all include the following:

  • Foundations
  • Lipsticks
  • Lotions
  • Moisturizing creams
  • Face powders

The problem with this mineral used in cosmetic products is the FDA’s take on it. They state that talc-based skin products don’t have to submit a test, or review before they can sell. However, they must include talc as an ingredient on its label.

Even if they put talc on the label, manufacturers don’t put warnings or facts about the mineral. It later could lead to consumer mislead that can later cause harm to health and life.

The FDA does not take any position regarding the dangers of talc skin products. Getting talc free men’s body powder means you have nothing of the sort to worry about. You won’t need to watch out for dangerous ingredients, which is a weight lifted off of your mind.

Recently, the FDA opened a public docket and meeting about the use of talc-based powder. They discussed the essential data, information, and topics revolving around the product. 

In the end, the meeting came up with the executive summary by the IWGACP. The meeting was not able to come up with a represent the preliminary recommendations of the FDA. They only looked at the solicited scientific feedback on the health issues on talc.

As of today, the FDA is continuing to review the feedbacks of the docket. The FDA does not have any recommendations for a replacement for any talc products. However, there has been a rise in consumers buying talc-free products in the market.

Talc-free body powder has a safer regulated production process. They’re for sanitary purposes for women, including talc-free men’s body powder. Until the FDA finds another alternative, this kind of powder is the best choice to go.

Uses Organic Materials

Today, due to the effects of the talc-based powder, brands opt to use another ingredient. As a substitute and safer precaution, they turn to natural talc-free powder.

The natural talc-free powder is from a blend of dry plant ingredients. These can be from arrowroot, rice powder, or even oat powder. They’re blended with small amounts of oil into a grinder.

It doesn’t need a lot of preservatives due to containing little to no water. However, it can include the addition of an antioxidant in the powder. This helps to protect the oils from going rancid too quickly and adds to the luxurious skin feel.

Reduced Health Risks

The talc-based powder is notoriously known to have any involvement in cancer. It’s due to the carcinogenic material it contains. In the studies that got conducted, talc-based powder is one common cause of cancer.

Talc-based body powder for men can cause lung cancer. When men’s chafing powder gets applied to the body, particles can travel to the lungs. It puts you at risk of disease and can prove to be an inconvenience due to the breathing problems they have.

Even if the studies don’t provide enough evidence, it’s better to opt for men’s body powder without talc.

Lots of Variety on Ingredient List

There are a variety of choices you can use to replace talc-based powder. The most common substitute used in talc-free body powder for men is cornstarch.

It has an excellent absorbent effect that helps soften the features of the skin. It makes it an excellent replacement for talc free men’s body powder. Other substitutes you can go for are tapioca starch or kaolin clay.

However, take note that the corn used is often from a genetically modified crop. When looking for these kinds of talc-free powder, look for a certified organic stamp on it. It assures you that the product has gone through safety tests.

Kinder and Gentler on Your Skin

The main benefit of talc-free body powder for men is that it’s kind on your skin. You won’t feel any irritation even when you have sensitive skin. This is all thanks to the natural ingredients that talc-free powder.

Talc-based powders have lots of chemicals mixed into them to make them safer. While this can work in keeping the powder safe, it causes irritation since the skin of most people to have different reactions to the chemicals.

Stays on Your Skin Better

By using talc-free powder, you can ensure that it stays on your skin longer. This is because it won’t cake like regular powder does as it absorbs moisture. 

The traditional talc-based powder will clump up when you sweat, leaving you uncomfortable for the rest of the day. Using talc-free powder will still absorb moisture, but will leave you feeling more comfortable.

It will clump together less and will be easier to remove. It also feels much lighter on your skin even as it cakes into lumps of powder.

Use Talc-Free Body Powder Today

Using talc-based body powder can cause more harm than comforting effects. Switch it out and use talc-free body powder today.

We hope this guide convinces you to use talc-free body powder. Do you have more cosmetics questions in mind? Contact us now and we’ll see how we can help you.

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