Did you know that 28.8% of American men are physically active during their leisure time? That means that 2/3rd of the male population is sedentary and at higher risk of heart disease and more. 

If you are in the latter camp, but looking to increase your levels of activity (or in the former camp and interested in doing more), then you might be deterred by a wide variety of factors. It could be the lack of time or lack of motivation.

Or the dreaded chafing! If you need tips to prevent chafing when physically active, then we have got you covered. Keep reading below. 

Stay Clean and Dry

Take a shower every single day and change your undies every day, especially after a workout or a physically active session! Yes, clean, dry undies can help with chafing prevention.

When you are physically active, it can lead to a buildup of sweat, dirt, and salt in your thigh area. This grime can lead to friction and the chafing you experience after a long day of activity (indoors or outdoors).

If you are cycling to work and can’t take a shower after such strenuous activity, consider having shower body wipes to clean up sticky sweat, grime, and dirt, especially in your thigh and groin area. This way you won’t have to be in pain and misery for the rest of your workday as your thigh chafing gets worse. 

Another thing to be cognizant of is not wearing wet clothing. This is one major way to prevent chafing. If you are the kind of lad who sweats quite a bit, and your clothing looks like it’s been soaked in water, then always have a change of clothes at hand.

Use a waterproof bag (or a locker if you have one at work or the gym), and change into these dry clean clothes as soon as you are done being active. It will help with chafing prevention quite a bit. 

Try an Anti-chafing Powder

How to prevent chafing in one fell swoop? Use an anti-chafing powder like Nutdust, not only to remove all moisture from your thigh and groin area to prevent chafing but also to remove odors! 

This way you can go from an active day to a sporting event or a club or bar, without feeling self-conscious about your odors or discomfort from chafing. It can be used all over your body, your armpits, thighs, groin, and more. 

It will make you feel fresh as a daisy and ready to tackle anything that the world throws at you. 

Thigh chafing is not only unhygienic but can also be painful, especially if you let it fester without doing something about it. With Nut Dust, you can reduce thigh chafing (or even eliminate it) and not be in pain anymore. 

This will also enhance your physically active sessions and make you want to be more active. Chafing prevention tips like these are so important. You don’t want to avoid being active because you are afraid of thigh chafing and the pain that ensues.  

Use Anti-chafing Undies

If you suffer from thigh chafing, you need to stop buying your underwear from Walmart or Target and go for the anti-chafing variety. Typical underwear you would buy from any odd store will not be good enough to prevent either moisture-buildup or friction. 

Anti-chafing boxers or briefs are meant to be moisture-wicking, which means they prevent any thigh chafing due to wetness. 

They might be a bit more expensive than regular undies or shorts, but well worth the investment. This way you can go forth into your physical activity with boundless gusto once again.

Use Anti-chafing Shorts

As with anti-chafing undies, these shorts are moisture-wicking as well. But they are also a bit longer than briefs or boxers, which means that they can prevent your thighs from rubbing against one another, acting as a soft barrier. 

They are made of cotton or spandex and can be worn underneath your work pants or gym shorts. They are basic, and constriction-free, allowing you to move freely and stay fresh and chafing-free down there. 

Don’t Overdo It with the Activity

If you have been active all day long and you still go into another activity like bar hopping or clubbing with your thighs sore and chafing like crazy, you need to stop.

Give your thighs the time and space to recuperate and heal. If your thighs keep on rubbing over the chafed area, they are only going to get worse.

Go home early, take a shower, dry off your thigh and groin area, put some soothing lotion (Aloe Vera, coconut oil, or Calamine lotion are good options), and relax in your armchair. 

You can also use anti-bacterial lotion like Neosporin on your injury to prevent any stubborn bacteria. 

Once your thighs heal, you can go back to your active days, with Nut Dust in hand and anti-chafing shorts in your bag. 

Prevent Chafing So You Don’t Curb Your Enthusiasm for Activity

Only people who have experienced the ravages of thigh chafing will know what the pain is like. It can get so bad at points that you can’t move one more step without wanting to cry out in pain. It feels like the inside of your thighs are on fire and you just want something to soothe the pain.

At Nutdust, we are well aware of this pain and that’s why we created Nutdust Body Powder to help you prevent chafing at its core.

Our body powder comes with three different fragrances, Laddie, Wildling, Voyager, and fragrance-free, Naked. Contact us if you wish to learn more about our products.

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