Go big or go home! This classic man phrase gives us visions of climbing mountains or hunting in the wilderness. The thing you don’t want to happen is to have to go home because of chafing! You don’t hear stories like that around the campfire. There are a lot of options for men when it comes to stopping their chafe issues but most of them involve powders that cake or ingredients that aren’t natural. Men who are trying to live more naturally are looking for a great talc free men’s body powder.

Just like they watch what they eat, they want to watch what they put on themselves to battle odors and chafing.

Men’s Skin Matters

Your skin is your biggest organ. You want to take care of it because it takes care of you by protecting you.

Many men are becoming more aware of how they should take care of their skin. Living an active lifestyle and good skin care can go together for men today.

Your skin is important and you don’t want to ignore it or it will cause you problems and even pain.

When a man is chafing in his crotch, he can’t concentrate on anything else. You want to be a man who can be present in every situation.

You may try a men’s chafing powder, but is it the right one? Will it solve your problem or will you be wasting your money?

Chafing isn’t the only reason to take care of your skin. Men who work hard sweat hard and oftentimes they smell.

You don’t want to be a man who smells and you especially don’t want any strange odors coming from down below! When the moment is right with your loved one, the last thing you want is a bad odor to ruin the mood.

The market is full of different body powders for men, and you want to make sure to pick the right one for you.

Men’s Body Powders

If you take a chance to look at the different powders out there, you can find it all confusing. You may see products like talcum powder for men, anti-chafing powder, and natural body powder for men.

The hard part is picking the right ones.  Let’s review some of the most common powders out there.

Talcum Powder

Talcum has been used for a long time as a powder. It is actually a mineral from clay that we mine from the ground.

The mineral is made up of hydrated magnesium sulfate, so it is natural.  That makes it good right?  Well, not so quick.

There have been some studies into a possible link of talcum powder to cancer. The problem is not with the talcum but with the possibility of other things like asbestos being in the talcum.

These studies are still ongoing, but many people are trying to limit their exposure to talcum until they find out more.

Corn Starch

The other main ingredient used by many people for chafing is corn starch.  Corn starch is something readily available in most kitchens so it is convenient.

Corn starch can be used as a men’s body powder without talc. It doesn’t have the same concerns as talc does with asbestos. Some of the issues with corn starch are that it is a food-grade powder and some men find it chalky when applying.

Corn starch doesn’t have any preservatives so when exposed to moisture there is the possibility of it breeding bacterial substances.

Powders like corn starch can be messy when applied from a common kitchen container. Putting too much on is easy to do and that can make a mess. There is also the problem of clumping and sticking that some men have had with it.

If you use corn starch from the kitchen, you will have to experiment on how much is the right amount so your body and your floor aren’t covered in powder.

Talc Free Men’s Body Powder

If you don’t want to use talcum powder and you don’t want to go to the kitchen for a powder to protect you, are there any other options?

There are more options for talc free men’s body powder coming out to protect men from chafing and help them stay active.

The thing you want to do as a man is research which ones have the best ingredients and work. Here are a couple of key things to look for:

Talcum Free

Any body powder you look at should be talcum-free, but you had better check the label to make sure.

A body powder could say “all-natural,” but still have talcum in it. It is best to stay away from talcum especially if you are using it for your sensitive areas.

All Natural

There are many products that contain a mix of natural ingredients along with chemical ingredients.

Checking the label is a good idea because you don’t want to be placing anything on your body that isn’t natural. The growth of essential oils and their use in men’s chafing powders have become a powerful new option for men.

Essential oils are great for the skin and can provide a layer of protection. Plus, many of the oils smell great. This can help you combat odors and feel great at the same time.

Go Big

As a man, you want to step up and make a positive difference in your world.  You want to go big!

You want to live an active lifestyle and you don’t want chafing to keep you from doing that. Plus, no man wants strange odors coming out from down there!

You deserve a talc free men’s body powder that can protect you and help you be at your best.

Check out our selection of all-natural products designed to help you stay dry, smell good, and perform your best.

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